Easter Brunch Inspiration


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Make this Easter unforgettable by hosting a beautiful family brunch. Go all out with delicious food, nice drinks and fun Easter activities. If you are not quite sure where to start, do not panic – we will have you covered! Host a fabulous family event that won’t bust the bank with our budget-saving tips and tricks.

Make Food Ahead of the Day

There is no need to spend the entire Sunday in the kitchen, slaving away ahead of the brunch. Instead, make it easy for yourself by preparing most of the food ahead of the day. It will taste just as nice and saves you stress. Stick to the theme of Easter eggs and make some delicious devilled eggs. There are many different recipes around that you can choose exactly what seems nicest. Stick to a traditional recipe or go contemporary with avocado devilled eggs or ones with bits of bacon.

You can also make, or buy, some quiches. Yummy both hot and cold, you can either preheat the quiches and savoury tarts ahead of the brunch or simply serve them cold. Another great brunch food that can be made ahead of time is waffles. Make them a day or two before the event and freeze them to keep well, or make them in the morning to ensure their freshness. Serve various accompaniments with the waffles, such as fresh fruit, jams, whipped cream or syrup.

Easter Decorations

If you have children, or there will be children attending, get them involved in decoration making. For example, have them paint hard-boiled eggs in vibrantly bright colours. This could then be the eggs you will hide for the egg hunt. Pro-tip: always make a note of how many eggs you hide, especially when using hard-boiled eggs rather than chocolate ones. If you have a big garden, you can also make a little egg map to make finding those undiscovered eggs a little easier. Last thing you want is rotting eggs in your garden!

You could also easily make some Easter bunting. To create fun streamers, you could print out templates on white paper and have the children colour them in with pencils or markers. You could also give them free reign and have them paint away on a big sheet of paper. When the paint has dried, cut out eggs or bunny shapes to then attach these to some string.

For a gorgeous centre piece, buy some colourful spring flowers to fill a big vase. If you want to keep prep time to a minimum, consider having your flowers delivered. Bloom Magic have stunning floral arrangements, such as their Le Printemps bouquet that has a variety of colourful tulips. If you prefer a different centrepiece, why not take inspiration from mainland Europe and put willow branches in a big, heavy-bottomed vase. Decorate the branches with Easter eggs and more – not only will it look great, it will also not be very expensive. For the ultimate final touch that just simply exudes Easter, scatter around little yellow chicks around your brunch table. Happy Easter!