Hacks For a Stress-Free Move


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One of the most stressful times in a person’s life can be moving to new home. Although most may think this would be an exciting venture, unfortunately, it comes with a lot of added stresses from organising how you will move everything, packing, unpacking, transferring and setting up bills at your new address and the list goes on. Follow our guide to simple moving hacks to make your relocating process less stressful.

Before the Move

Make sure you are organised before you even begin the actual moving process. Getting off to a good and pre-planned start is the secret to the rest of the process running smoothly.

Plan meals for the few weeks leading up to the move. This way you can start to use up what is left in the fridge and freezer meaning no need to transport food that might spoil or become wasted during the defrost process.

Prior to packing, sort through clothes and other belongings and decide what you need and don’t need. There is no point in moving what you won’t use, so donate what you don’t want to a local charity such as Oxfam. By doing this, you are not only working towards making your move easier, but you are also helping those less fortunate.

If you have use of an appropriate vehicle, you may opt to move yourself. However, if you decide on hiring a moving company, be sure to use Compare My Move to find the best movers at the best price.

Packing Tips

Packing seems to be one of the most dreaded parts of moving to a new house. Following simple tips to make this hassle free will have you packed up and ready to go in no time!

Don’t waste time trying to stuff clothes into boxes. Simply slide them straight into bin bags while still on the hanger. This way you can group them together and keep them hanging up until they are ready to be moved.

To eliminate cardboard box stresses, start off by colour coding boxes so you can group them together and dinnerware doesn’t end up in the bedroom. Cut handles in the sides of boxes to make lifting easy and most importantly, when labelling boxes, make sure you mark them on the side not the top or when piled up, you won’t be able to see the label.

Things to Keep in Mind Once You Are Moved in

You have successfully moved everything from one location to the other, now it is time for the fun part of unpacking. But you should enjoy it as this is time you get to make your new home truly yours. It is also important to make sure you have taken all the right steps towards making sure your home related finances are in order. It is advisable ahead of the move to switch all bills to your new address and any other important factors concerning your home address.

If you have purchased your home, it is also vital to make sure your mortgage is protected with mortgage protection insurance. Being a home owner comes with the responsibility of protecting your finances in all areas as they could potentially become jeopardised in the event of a crises. Things that can affect your home payments could be illness preventing you from working or lack of income. Visit https://www.hello.ie/income-protection/ to find out more about protecting your income.

In addition to following our tips on how to have a successful and stress-free move, simply stay as organised as possible and all should be well. Most importantly, try to enjoy this time as it is exciting to start over and give your new abode your own personal touches to make it yours.