Spiky - The Inflatable Water-Saving Shower Curtain


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If you're tired of your kids or flatmates hogging the bathroom by taking long showers then have a gander at 'Spiky' - a cleverly designed shower liner with inflatable spikes that push a person out of the shower after the water has been on for four minutes.

"I looked at the environmental issue of excessive water consumption. I designed a series of water-saving shower curtains which inflate after four minutes spent under the water, taking over the space and discouraging long water-wasting showers. The spikes are made from inflated PVA - the ecological version of PVC," said designer Elisabeth Buecher who launched "My Shower Curtain is a Green Warrior" at the Milan furniture Fair in 2009.

For obvious safety reasons, the Spiky is a one-off concept piece designed to challenge people's awareness of how much water they really need during showering - so unfortunately you won't be seeing this at IKEA anytime soon. "I would like to develop it as a product but at the moment it is an educational art installation." said Buecher.

More information: www.elisabethbuecher.com