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Garden / Blog - 3 years ago

Students Plant Greener Future In The City’s Heart

One Tree Per Child was founded by Olivia Newton-John and Jon Dee, the founders of Australia’s National Tree Day. During their time leading the annual campaign day more than 10 million native trees and shrubs were planted by the community across Aus...

Garden / Blog - 3 years ago

Students put healthy eating back on the table

It’s all part of a gardening program designed to educate children about the origins of their food, led singlehandedly by Junior Landcare Lockyer, Toowoomba and Somerset coordinator Greg Grimes. The “Healthy Eating, Healthy Children, Healthy Lifesty...

House / Blog - 3 years ago

Ten tips for eco-spring cleaning

The winter chill is over and we all know what that means – spring is moving in and it’s that time of the year again – spring-cleaning! Clean up your act with our top tips on how to get rid of how to spruce up your home for the warmer seasons. 1. Op...